I’ve had construction happening at my home for the last seven weeks. Initially it was a washroom addition that would take three weeks, but that stretched out to five weeks and then the porch columns and railings needed to be replaced,  water seepage in another apartment needed to dealt with and part of a deck was rebuilt due to termite damage. Now the eave troughs on one side of the house and part of the soffit are being looked after. Meanwhile, I’m handling the things I can like the painting and cleaning. I’m sure Marvin could find other work to keep extending his stay here but it has to end this week: my coffers are empty.

I am very pleased with the changes around here, but they are taking their toll on my lower back, my arms and my nerves. I really don’t like disorder, things out of place, tools everywhere, rubbish building up and dust, lots and lots of dust.  But that is all part of it. Barring going on vacation and hoping for the best, you have to live with the disorder in order for the order to return. And you have to trust the process which includes the turmoil while these changes are happening around you, realizing that it is only temporary. Once it’s all over, thing will get back to order, things will be renewed, and the discomfort of the process will be a distant memory.

Every boatman has to stop and repair the raft once in a while. The river takes it toll and it’s not always a smooth float down the river. But once the repairs are complete, the journey continues. It’s important for us to stop once in a while and take stock of where we are on our path and course correction. Perhaps an afternoon of reflection. Maybe a weekend retreat. We need to know where we are in order to chart our course to where we want to go. It’s all part of the process.

In a month or so, I’ll forget the aching back and the accumulated dust of construction. Having my own bathroom will be a desire realized and will become part of my everyday experience. The house will benefit from the repairs and upgrades and I will be able to appreciate the process of achieving order through disorder.

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